Tuesday July 30, 1996

The Modern Pentathlon

The Modern Pentathlon was first staged at the 1912 Olympiad in Stockholm.
It was concieved by Peierre de Coubertin, the modern Olympics founder, to
represent the duties of Napoleonic couriers and consists of five enents: Fencing,
Pisrtol shooting, Swimming 300 meters, Horse riding, and a 4,000 meter cross-
country foot race all in the same day. Aleksandar Parygin of Kazakhstan won today.
The Ancient Greek Pentathlon from which ours is derived consisted of: Running, Jumping,
Discus, Javelin and Wrestling. It was the climax of the Ancient games and the winner
recieved the title "Victor Ludorum", Victor of the Games, and was expected to recite a
poem in front of the spectators. The Greeks demanded more form their athletes than
just muscles, which made only part of a Man.

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