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A Brief History of The Maya.

Chichen Itza, Yucatan; Mexico.

The Caracol Observatory
The Pyramid of Kukulkan
The Temple of Warriors
The Villas Arqueologicas

The Road to Uxmal.

Sotuta: Ancient capital of the Cocom Maya
Mani: The "Auto de fe" of 1562

Uxmal, Yucatan; Mexico.

Visit the stunning ancient city of Uxmal, Coming Soon.

Visit the Maya Photo Gallery.

Chichen Itza Photo Gallery Page One.
Chichen Itza Photo Gallery Page Two.

CyberWorld Journeys takes you to the Olympics in Atlanta.

A few Thoughts on the Games both Ancient and Modern.
Saturday July 20; Baseball: Cuba vs Austrailia.
Sunday July 21; Fencing: Men's Sabre and Women's Epee finals.
Wednesday July 24; On the Street: The Fan's Eye view.
Tuesday July 30; The Modern Pentathlon.
Friday August 2; Track and Field: 50 km Walk, Relays & Javelin.
Saturday August 3; A Final Night in Centennial Olympic Park.

Terror at The Games.

Saturday July 27; The Game of Terror.
Sunday July 28; Downtown Atlanta the day After.

Portraits by Jonathan Burnette.