Episode #1; Scene 4

Villas Arqueologicas, Chichen Itza

A beautiful place to stay !
This hotel has interesting air-conditioned rooms, pool,
a good reasonably priced restaurant and bar, and best of
all is just a few minutes walk from the Ruins. The staff is local
Maya, except for the Director, Dominique Peres a Frenchman,
who is quite a character and full of interesting stories and information.
Following his driving directions can be an adventure in itself as you
will see in our next Episode, "The Road to Uxmal". Be sure to
tell him the "Pony Express" says hello.

The Villas pool (60k)

Mayaland Hotel Gardens (60k)

Mayaland Hotel Casitas (60k)

Visit the CWJ Bijou (QT 640k).

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