Episode #1, Scene 3

Temple of the Warriors, Chichen Itza

Sometimes called the Temple of 1,000 Warriors because of the adjoining
colonnade consisting of rows of stone colums, many with relief carvings
depicting warriors in full battle dress. This use of the colonnade is thought
by many experts to be evidence of foreign influence if not out right conquest,
because this design method is not found in traditional Maya architecture but
is common among the Toltecs from the Valley of Mexico. War, however,
is very much Maya. It's primary purpose being to obtain captives for sacrifice,
the higher ranking the better; rival Kings or Ahau in Mayan being the best of all.
Their forced bloodletting would gain the favor of the gods for the victors.

Warriors Colonnade (60k)

Serpent Heads (60k)

Trinket Sellers (60k)

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